Dear Katy,
I am increasingly grateful for the skill and care I have received at Community Acupuncture. The practitioners and staff have been impressively supportive to my needs as a sensitive person recovering from a traumatic accident. Flexible scheduling, sliding scale fees and a friendly environment have all contributed to this community service.
Thank-you for your dedication.

I want to thank you and your staff at We the People, particularly Thomas who has been my therapist for many months.  I initially came to the office for an injured foot.  As an ex-dancer and a dance teacher, it was important to get this fixed as soon as possible.  I spent  a lot of time in traditional  physical therapy – the results were negligible.  After some sessions with Thomas, I was able to do class again, and even jump, as well as teach.

While still attending sessions, I found out I had a tumor on my kidney. Thomas began focusing on this.  A recent scan show that it had shrunk (and a cyst on my liver had completely disappeared). Besides these remarkable results, I want to say how welcoming and calming the atmosphere at We the People is.

With grateful thanks,
—Madeleine N.

Acupuncture...what bliss...creative ideas abound when I am "in the zone" and rest, relaxation and restoration are key benefits! I love it!
—Morgana M.

Amazing business strategy! Everyone wins!  I am super grateful to be able to afford this, especially with acute problems!  Thanks!

After treatment, I posted We the People Community Acupuncture on Facebook for all of my friends. I haven't been able to do any art work or even read because of anxiety disorder. I was able to go out in the black night alone for the first time in 2 years to rescue my dog. I had only a slight hesitation. This was after my first treatment. I felt "blissed" after the treatment...
—Laura DiG.

Regular acupuncture treatments have completely eradicated my insomnia after months of trying all kinds of herbs and supplements.  I am so GRATEFUL to be sleeping normally again.  It took almost 6 weeks of consistent appointments but I've been sleeping well consistently for many weeks after nearly 6 months of severe insomnia.
— J.S.

I had a serious case of Graves Disease and was told to radiate my thyroid and be on liver-killing meds forever. I went to We the People 3 times a week and after 3 months my thyroid numbers were normal.
— Annie O.

I feel that We The People has really helped me out in every level and aspect of my life. I really love the concept of how the clinic is set up and it's so convenient to come in. I used to see another acupuncturist and at first wasn’t really sure about the common treatment room but I really love it. I tell everyone that We The People can probably help them.
— Pauline C.

My allergies are much better – I breathe more easily at night. I find it deeply relaxing each time I come, a welcome respite in a busy day.
— Chris C.

My last bout of sciatica lasted 8 months. With We the People I was PAIN FREE in a week!
— Laurie S.

This is just the best place on the whole planet!
— Terry M.

The system of the office (clinic?) is brilliant! I’m in charge of my own care, of my own health!
— Felix A.

It's just such a relief to be here!
— A.L.M.

I enjoyed very much my visit to your space this past Friday. Your treatment was very helpful — I feel much better! Thanks again for creating a wonderful healing space (it was very relaxed and respectful - almost like a church, but with recliners! - and sleeping is OK!) - I hope to visit often. The concept and its execution should do many people a tremendous amount of good.
— Stephen J.

...thanks to We the People Community Acupuncture for taking away a week's worth of high-grade back pain.
— Lex L.