We the People Community Acupuncture has been serving Santa Fe, New Mexico since 2009.

Meet our Practitioners


Katy Whitcomb, DOM

Katy Whitcomb has been practicing acupuncture and Chinese Medicine since 2002.  She is a native Santa Fean who has a deep love for her community, and enjoys sharing her knowledge and experiences with people. She is an avid traveler and has spent time in China, Southeast Asia, and Belize, but her favorite place to be is in the mountains of northern NM and Southern CO with her husband and 2 young children.

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Chris pic

Christopher Neal, DOM

Christopher is a practicing acupuncturist in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Christopher's gentle and effective approach to acupuncture is influenced by Japanese Meridian Therapy. His focus is on finding the root imbalance in the body and balancing the flow of energy with the goal of relieving current and chronic discomforts, and promoting better overall health and happiness. He is excited to practice at We The People, and is grateful for the opportunity to serve the community of Santa Fe.
When he's not practicing acupuncture, he enjoys silversmithing, gardening, beekeeping, cooking, and spending time with his wife and dog.

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Thomas Hodge, DOM

Thomas Hodge is a licensed Doctor of Oriental Medicine practicing in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Thomas has a wide range of integrative clinical experiences including work at both St. Vincent’s Cancer Center and Inpatient Rehabilitation Center as well as work at the Indian Hospital in Santa Fe.  Over the years he has treated people of all ages for a variety of health issues,  including pain, the side effects of  conventional cancer treatment and neurological disorders.

Outside of the clinic he enjoys cultivating himself through Qigong exercises and immersing himself in the wonder of the New Mexican landscape. He lives in Tesuque, NM with his wife and cat.

The following is a link to an essay he wrote for the Yale Journal for Humanities in Medicine titled "Metaphor in Chinese Medicine: A Patient Narrative"

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Blair Sylvan Grey, DOM

This profound and ancient medicine was introduced to Blair at 23, a very stressful time in her life, when she was diagnosed with “incurable” Bell’s Palsy - the left half of her face was paralyzed. With 6 acupuncture treatments her face movement returned and this life pivot moment had her then pursue the integrative approach of healing. Her studies since 1999 continue to delve into a Daoist “5 Element” perspective. Utilizing this medical model, she worked at an inpatient center for 10 years, and has continued to assist beings to live in balance, in their recovery from trauma, addictions, mental-emotional overwhelm, pain and stress management, as well as the physical manifestations of varying “dis-ease”.

Blair is excited to be part of this awesome community and looks forward to offering classes so she may share this ancient wisdom to inspire folks to empower themselves.   Each class will offer practical “Elemental” information that supports the wellness of mind, body and spirit.   (See flyer or site for details)

Blessed to live amidst the elements, Blair built her off the grid home in the Pecos Wilderness. When she is not hiking with her two canine co-pilots, she is sipping on tea, knitting really long, ‘dr who’ scarves, listening to the wind or attempting to paint watercolors.

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Inez Jones, DOM

I have been in private practice since 1997.
I graduated from Texas College of TCM in Austin, TX before returning years later to my home state of New Mexico so our daughter would grow up near her extended family. At which time I attended International Institute of Chinese Medicine in Santa Fe, and began practice in Santa Fe and Los Alamos in 2003.
Traditional healing with herbal teas, massage, and prayer were embedded in my youth by mother, who also encouraged me to seek acupuncture treatment. I was resistant but quickly became intrigued while simultaneously being healed of my aliment! The catalyst into Traditional Chinese Medicine was given to me by my beloved husband whose love and encouragement brought me this space and time as a practitioner. All these years later I still remain intrigued, and fascinated by shifts of energy that I am privileged to witness before during and after a treatment.
My first Acupuncture experience healed me of aliment but this medicine opened my eyes, my mind and my heart to the brilliance, complexity and wholeness of the human body and its relationship/connection to the earth and to one another. It is with this intrigue, fascination and with continued expansion I practice and continue to learn from our community.

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Anne Richardson, DOM

Dr. Anne Richardson graduated from the Academy of Oriental Medicine at Austin, in 2002. She has been in private practice in Santa Fe since 2004. She is a knowledgable herbalist, and enjoys incorporating bodywork, essential oils and tuning forks into her acupuncture treatments. Anne's goal is to achieve optimal health for all of her patients.

Dr. Anne is an avid animal lover, and regularly volunteers for a local animal rescue shelter. She and her husband have a number of pets and foster animals, and enjoy caring for them and seeing them into good homes. She is excited to be able to support her community by working with the wonderful folks here at We the People.

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